About Us Overview

Smith+Co began life in 2002. Our aim was, and still is, to offer specialist expertise around customer experience, and keep our approach simple, practical and engaging.

Although we’ve grown in reputation, we’ve kept our size small, steering clear of the bells and whistles that drive up cost. We don’t have an HQ, nor do we employ an army of MBAs but, as our client testimonials show, we do have one of the most trusted brands in customer experience.

Who we help

Our belief has always been that, given the right support and advice, a defining customer experience is achievable by any organisation, large or small. Even if your resources are limited, or the mountain ahead seems just too high and craggy, we always believe there’s a way we can help and get you started.

Where we help

Customer experience strategy, implementation planning, team alignment, customer insight, customer experience design, employee engagement and experience measurement - and all areas on the customer journey.

How we help

Executive workshops, branded training, strategic consultancy - and speeches that create a bit of buzz.


Doing it with you, not to you. Consulting-lite! See more

Knowledge at your fingertips

Knowledge should be shared. That’s why we’ve captured much of our own experience in our Knowledge Bank: a collection of tips, sins, tales and insight that will help you define your customer experience. Get started.

Our principles

  • Provide specialist customer experience expertise and an authoritative voice on what works (and what doesn't!)
  • Stimulate bolder thinking and inspire actions that win loyalty and make brands stand out from competitors
  • Provide a simplified approach, that keeps you focused on the actions that deliver maximum impact.
I have worked with many consultants,
but Smith+Co are unquestionably the best.
Susan Phillips
Former VP Global Marketing