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Shaun Smith
  • By Shaun Smith
  • Sep 26 2011

Innovate the experience, not just the product

July 2011 saw the very last launch and landing of the NASA Space Shuttle. So is this the end of an era for space travel or the beginning of private enterprise creating innovative customer experiences?

Richard Branson once said “History has shown that many of the innovations that we have come to take for granted were a result of entrepreneurs, pioneers and early adopters willing to invest their own money, and sometimes lives, in a big idea”. Let’s face it, most companies wouldn’t innovate if they didn’t have to. It’s not that people hate change – although some do, of course – it’s just that innovation is often so risky, so expensive and fraught with failure. There’s a well known phrase: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, which probably sums up many people’s views about innovation.