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Shaun Smith
  • By Shaun Smith
  • Sep 26 2013

So what are the the top 10 most irritating things about your customer experience?

To help you answer this question, let's first take a quick look at hotels. They've been around ever since Joseph and Mary encountered their over-booking problem at the Inn, so we might reasonably expect that, by now, hoteliers might have figured out what guests really want.

However, a recent feature by the Sunday Times found that despite all the investment in improving services, hotels all too often fail on the customer experience. So why is it that as brands get more sophisticated in their technology and more innovative in their attempts to dazzle us, they fail to deliver a great experience? It all comes down to basics - those fundamental things expected by guests but often forgotten by brands, in their eagerness to launch the next big thing. These basics may not have the WOW factor loved by creatives but, when ignored, they can just be the final straw needed to make customers switch brands. So for all you hoteliers out there, here’s my top ten list of basics that inspired this blog. And lest you think that the problem lies solely with hotels, it doesn’t; I challenge any brand not to have their own top ten things that irritate their customers. If you’re struggling to find out what they are, I offer a few tips at the end of this blog.