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Janine Dyer
  • By Janine Dyer
  • Jun 10 2015

Customer Experience: Lessons From the Best.  Join us at the London Business Forum, 23 Sept 2015

"Brand purpose, content marketing and the belief that millennials are looking for ‘more than just a brand’ are leading to brand managers creating inane brand visions that have nothing to do with their actual product or consumer" (Mark Ritson, Marketing Week)

Every brand now seems to be jumping on the purpose bandwagon. The reality is, as Ritson so bluntly states, is that there is often a real disconnect between a brand’s articulation of its purpose and the actual experience delivered to its customers.

Shaun Smith
  • By Shaun Smith
  • Jun 04 2015

How do you deliver a customer experience people love?  Discover HOW in our latest book On Purpose..

The brands people love all have a clear sense of purpose and the value they bring to their customers and employees, but the thing that differentiates them is what they DO, not what they SAY

Take a quick look at the following three purpose statements……..