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Shaun Smith
  • By Shaun Smith
  • Sep 25 2017

How Iconic Brands Market Themselves

When words are no longer needed...

An advertisement has just been published in the Times newspaper showing an elderly lady gazing into the distance; perhaps out to sea. She looks a bit windswept and the sky is overcast. She is wearing a trench coat. There is no copy at all except for the Burberry logo beneath the image.

Brownell O’Connor
  • By Brownell O’Connor
  • Sep 14 2017

Neglecting Your Contact Centre

Thoughts on how brands treat their contact centres

For better or worse ‘Customer Experience’ has become one of the most talked about fads in business circles. For those on the periphery of this subject, it can be annoying. And for those like me who specialise in the subject, it’s often teeth-clenchingly frustrating because of the drivel that is spoken. However, the upside is that there’s no faster way to spread the benefits and advantages of CX than through word of mouth, so in one sense, long live the discussion!