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Shaun Smith
  • By Shaun Smith
  • Mar 20 2008

How Bold is Your Business?

There’s increasing evidence that going for the extremes - being bold - gains more attention and loyalty from customers. In over-crowded markets, bold stands out. If you want ‘fans’ instead of customers, then to gain that kind of extreme reaction you need to provoke strong emotion. And for that, you need to be bold, not bland.

Richard Branson, who will be with us at European Customer Management World next month, knows all about being bold. His latest bold venture is to take the brand literally out of this world. He has teamed up with aviation designer and inventor of ‘Spaceship One’, Burt Rutan, to launch Virgin Galactic.

If all goes to plan anyone with 100,000 UK pounds (US $200,000) to spare can fly Virgin Galactic into space (or you can use your Virgin frequent flyer miles!)

Virgin Galactic’s spaceport in the New Mexico desert, opening for business in 2010

So, just how bold is your business? Take part in my short online survey, which is part of the research for my new book with my co-author Andy Milligan, called Bold Business. All participants receive a summary of the survey findings. Click here to take the Bold Business survey.

Shaun Smith

I will be running a Case Study & Q & A in The Customer Experience Summit, Monday 12th May, with Waterstone’s Director David Rowntree, and will be chairing the Brand & Marketing Innovation Track of ECMW 2008 on Wednesday 14th May.

More detail on this link: European Customer Management World