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Shaun Smith
  • By Shaun Smith
  • Feb 27 2009

How to be a Genius: Stand on The Shoulders of Giants


When Sir Isaac Newton explained how he had seen what others before him hadn’t, he said it was by ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ – applying his own thinking to the existing canon of expertise to lift him, and the world, up to a new level of understanding of how the world works.

Inspired by that definition of genius, the Shoulders of Giants website puts you in touch with experts in their field, so you can learn fast from them; standing on their shoulders, in effect.

Shaun is too modest to post this himself, so I’m posting it for him. He is the newest addition to the Shoulders of Giants website.

The site has been set up to bring the latest thinking and tools to the desktops of executives around the world.

Featuring some of the leading names in marketing, strategy, branding and now, with the addition of Shaun, customer experience, the site offers free articles, tools and video on a range of topics.

For those wishing to delve further, there are also in-depth videos of the authors speaking about their subject areas as well as e-books that are available for purchase.

You can find Shaun’s pages here: Shoulders of Giants