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Shaun Smith
  • By Shaun Smith
  • Aug 06 2008

Some summer reading

If you are off for a week or two this summer and looking for some summer reading, here are my recommendations to pack in your suitcase. Or, if you are stuck in the office while everyone else is away, it’s still a good time to catch up on your reading on the customer experience:

Lou Carbone is a friend of mine whose thinking I respect. He has been a leader in the experience management revolution for over two decades. His writings on the subject have appeared in business magazines and academic journals since 1994. His 2004 best seller, ‘Clued In, How to Keep Customers Coming Back Again & Again’ (Prentice Hall), is in its seventh printing, and considered a must read for anyone hoping to understand the discipline.

Bruce Temkin’s 6 Laws of Customer Experience.
Not got time to read a full book on the beach? Try Bruce Temkin’s free downloadable book, then. It’s Here

See, Feel, Think, Do, The Power of Instinct in Business, by Andy Milligan and Shaun Smith

Well, you don’t expect me to leave my books out, do you!
More smith+co books on the customer experience on this link

Happy reading!