CEM Tools CEM+ Calculator ROI Evaluation

How do you convince your Board that your CEM investment will deliver ROI?

Our CEM+Calculator enables organisations to estimate to a fairly accurate degree (given the many variables affecting organisational performance) the impact of their customer experience investment on revenue and profit.

It takes real data from your organisation, in terms of number of customers, their purchasing behaviour and current levels of satisfaction. It then projects the impact on revenues of changing the customer experience. It also allows the costs of the improvement to be factored in, allowing the return on investment to be calculated.

This makes the decision no different to any other form of capital investment and enables the Customer Experience Officer to talk to the Chief Financial Officer in language he understands. For further details, please see our CEM+Calculator information sheet.

The CEM+ ROI Calculator tool is a highly effective way to project the revenue impact of changing your customer experience.

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It enables you to put forward a clear and compelling business case for customer experience investment Smith+Co