CEM Tools How BOLD are you?

Do you know what you need to do to build on your success and make your brand legendary?

You have a well established customer experience programme and your brand is well regarded. But how do you take it to the next level and make it remarkable?

Based on the research conducted for our award winning book ‘Bold: How to be Brave in Business and Win’, this assessment will compare your organisation to the stand-out brands featured in the book.

Want to know how your culture compares against Zappos? Or how your customer experience strategy matches up against Burberry? Or whether your leadership team is as passionate as Six Senses Resorts? Or how about as innovative as Air Asia X, O2 and Virgin Galactic? Now you can.

This short, simple survey will plot your profile and produce recommendations for those areas on which you need to focus to become a BOLD brand.

The BOLD survey tool is a highly effective way to get you thinking about how you measure up against some of those brands that are pushing the boundaries of customer experience.

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The world is populated mainly by boring businesses but for creative people, that’s where the opportunities are to make a difference. Robert Stephens
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