The CX Seven Step Guide DESIGN

How do you manage a seamless branded experience across an ever increasing number of multiple channels?

You can’t.

Here’s what you can do:

Experience is whatever the customer perceives it to be – and you can’t manage it completely. What you can do is influence that experience by being very intentional about where and how you deliver your brand promise in a way that is absolutely consistent at every touchpoint. This is what we call designing the experience. So here’s a simple summary of steps to take. Map the experience from beginning to end including social media. Use the customer’s perspective, not the organisation’s. You could map one touchline covering the entire experience but if this is too complex, map a touchline for each key customer interaction. Identify the pain points, inefficiencies, redundancies or inconsistencies in how customers experience your brand. Consider your brand promise and how well you deliver it at each point in the touchline. Ensure you think about your most valuable customers and their top expectations. Identify opportunities to streamline and improve the experience. Look also for opportunities between existing touchpoints eg the space between making a purchase on-line and actual delivery of the goods. Identify hallmark touchpoints that will really differentiate your brand and emotionally engage your customers. These are the touchpoints that you need to over-index. Create a blueprint for approval and identify implications for people, process and product/service and then move to implementation planning. For more on designing your customer experience, take a look at our CEM guide

Watch out for...
Design by Committee

You need cross-functional input but if you present a blank sheet to the team, you’ll get bogged down in arguments and paralysed by too many voices wanting to go in too many different directions. So begin by creating a strawman design and then set aside a day with the cross-functional team to debate it, evolve it and plan to implement it.

Choose your step
From the store windows, the store touchpoints, the website, social media or a magazine - it has to be one pure customer experience, not just to gain market share but to gain mind share. Angela Ahrendts
CEO, Burberry