The CX Seven Step Guide INNOVATE

How do you keep innovating your experience to stay ahead?

“If you want to remain number one, you have to think like number two”

Here’s a few things you can do

Start with your vision or purpose and work back rather than starting from industry practice and working forwards. This helps you challenge many of the beliefs and conventions that underpin your market. Stand FOR something and be brave enough to stand UP for it. That way, you’ll stand OUT. Dramatise your customer experience. Dramatically over-index the key touchpoints where you want to really bring your brand promise to life. Forget timid tinkering. Make it memorable. Make customers part of your brand. Use customer co-creation and social media tools to listen and engage. Marketing is no longer something you do to customers. Make them part of it. Make employees part of your brand. Create social networks internally so that your employees can be part of your R&D effort. They are closer to your customers and therefore often better informed about the opportunities to innovate. Look beyond your industry. Study comparators rather than competitors. Brands can often learn more from brands outside their sectors than within. Continuously communicate results to embed the measures and hard wire this as the way you do business. For more on this, see our CEM guide on Innovating your Experience *Tom Fishburne: Where Complacent Brands Go (

Watch out for...
Job done

There’s a natural reaction to take it easy once the implementation phase has been completed. But customers are changing so fast, you can’t just stand still. So change your mindset now from MANAGING the experience to INNOVATING the experience. Take a look at how other brands are leading the way. See more

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There are many brands out there that are nervous and prefer to watch and see before they actually do anything because it's new and sometimes untested. By contrast, we're trying to be bolder, always innovating and testing new approaches, while staying true to our values and our heritage. Sarah Manley
Chief Marketing Officer, Burberry