The CX Seven Step Guide MEASURE

How do you ensure that you demonstrate real results so that effort is sustained?

By focusing on the leading rather than the lagging indicators that drive your financial results

Here’s a few things you can do

Measure leading indicators. Profitability and EPS growth are vital measures of business performance but they are lagging indicators – the RESULT of differentiation, and customer loyalty. You need to measure the leading indicators of customer experience and your performance on the key drivers of customer loyalty and advocacy. Build an integrated scorecard to align your financial reporting, customer experience and other operational measures. Link KPIs to this to ensure you can measure and reward people for the right behaviours so that effort is sustained. To do this, you will need to identify the critical measures for each part of the scorecard and identify the goal, metric and target for each. Test it. Validate the scorecard with your executive team and stakeholders involved. Review often and test the relationship between metrics to identify the key leading indicators. Continuously communicate results to embed the measures and hard wire this as the way you do business. For more on this, see our CEM guide Measuring the Experience

Watch out for...

the debilitating condition in which everyone is obsessed with capturing data on everything that can possibly be measured. Only focus on the few key metrics critical to success. Measure what matters and ignore anything that doesn’t otherwise it will scramble your brains.

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We believed that measuring our people on delighting customers was going to lead to the right behaviour, and that is exactly what has happened Chris Goossens
Global Customer Experience Director, TNT Express