• On Purpose - Delivering a Branded Customer Experience People Love

    Shaun Smith & Andy Milligan

    Most brands agonise about their purpose. Why do they exist? What should they stand for? What should they aspire to? The result is often a lofty purpose statement, full of good intent - but totally divorced from the experience the brand ever delivers to its customers. On Purpose is a new practical guide to executing business purpose successfully by delivering a branded customer experience people love. It presents a framework for success based on being clear about your brand purpose so you can achieve exceptional results through exceptional experiences.

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  • Bold: How to be Brave in Business and Win

    Shaun Smith & Andy Milligan

    Voted 'Management e-book of the Year', BOLD reveals the practices that make great brands stand out, and turn customers into fans. Told in the voices of the brand leaders themselves, BOLD shows that brand building is now about completely re-thinking both the customer and employee experience. Not for the timid!

  • Uncommon Practice

    Shaun Smith & Andy Milligan

    "Gives the reader access to the thought-processes of some of the most remarkable executives and brand managers today." Matt Haig, Amazon reviewer

  • Managing the Customer Experience

    Shaun Smith, Joe Wheeler

    'A blueprint for any organization that wants to deliver a customer experience that builds its brand. Don't just read this book - use it!' Scott Timmins, VP Marketing, Babson College

  • See Feel Think Do

    Shaun Smith, Andy Milligan

    "A brilliant book about learning to trust your instincts and to become more proactive in your decision-making" Richard Hammond, Amazon reviewer

  • Don’t Mess with the Logo

    Andy Milligan & John Edge

    'Packed with the essentials of brand theory and practical tips. Does for brand management what the Haynes workshop manuals do for cars.' Peter Gowers, formerly CEO, IHG Asia-Pacific

  • Brand it Like Beckham

    Andy Milligan

    'Fascinating book. Milligan explains and conveys the essence of modern brand management in a highly accessible and readable manner.' The Chartered institute of Marketing

  • Richmond Housing Case Study

    Shaun Smith

    How does an organisation, operating in a price-sensitive market offering the much less glamorous and usually commoditised product of social housing; deliver a distinctive customer experience? Is it possible to be purpose-led on a tight budget? Smith+Co spoke with RHP housing to find out if size and deep pockets really do matter when it comes to having a higher purpose and delivering a distinctive experience.


Sets a new direction for customer experience. The brands featured think big about changing the landscape of their industries by creating dramatically different customer experiences. Bernd Schmitt
CEO, The EX Group