CEM Guides

Our customer experience guides give you a quick overview of some of the things to watch out for when thinking about your customer experience.

Where to Begin

You've committed to improve your experience. You want to ensure it will differentiate you, it will be consistent, it will improve customer loyalty - and it will be sustained. But where do you begin?

Customer Experience Insight

Research typically reveals a lot of data - but little insight. What's the best way to identify the top 3 things that drive loyalty to your brand?

Your Brand Promise

Most people move from strategy to experience design - without even thinking about the promise they make to their customers. Take a look at why this is so important and how you define yours.

Customer Experience Design

So you probably already know about touch points, experience curves and the moments of pain and pleasure - but how do you pull these all together when designing your experience?

CEM and Social Media

Everybody's jumping on the bandwagon - but most people join the ride without first thinking of how it fits into the experience they want to provide.

Aligning Your Organisation

"It only works when it all works" is a mantra we learnt from one of our clients. The challenge is how to align product, process and people to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Measuring the Experience

How do you sustain the experience and ensure it delivers ROI?