Why Choose our Customer Experience Speakers

Five reasons to choose us:

  • The experience, expertise and authority of one of the top practitioners and authors in the field
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    As one of the pioneers of the customer experience movement, Shaun has developed some of the most influential thinking and practice around this subject. His books have been acclaimed by organisations worldwide and with over 25 years advising leading brands throughout Europe, Asia and the US, he is one of the most experienced practitioners in the field.

    What our clients say…

    • Shaun has a deep understanding of the complexities of customer experience and was extremely effective in helping us to build our brand around customer experience.


    • Whether consulting or speaking he provides leading-edge thinking, inspiring teams.

      Rentokil Initial

    • Shaun is a real expert in his industry. This aligns with our vision, since we invite only business experts, not ‘gurus’.

      Mark Tapley Conferences

  • A powerful speaker with a strong reputation for stimulating change
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    What our clients say…

    • Gave us a kick-start to go out and make a difference.

      Big Yellow Storage

    • Stretches anyone in the service and sales arena to go that extra yard.

      National Australia Bank

    • Gave the stimulus for very interesting discussions amongst our top executives.

      Generali Group

    • The perfect stimulus for some really beneficial discussion and debate - helped drive a new way of thinking

      London Stock Exchange

    • Stimulated new insights on achieving brand differentiation and customer loyalty

      Intercontinental Hotels Group

    • Drove a new level of thinking and passion about how we see our customers and how we will work to deepen the emotional connection with our brand.

      Bright Horizons Group

  • Ideas and insight into some of the most innovative experience practices from comparator brands
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    Our latest book ‘BOLD - How to be Brave in Business and Win’ has stimulated a whole new way of thinking about customer experience. Through our research for BOLD and our work with many innovative brands, we can share with you the insights and key practices that truly differentiate them. Speaking about BOLD, Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent summed up what we bring:

    ‘Original ideas and inspirational stories that’ll give you the confidence to do things your way”

    What our clients say…

    • If you want your business to stand out, to redefine the market, to step outside the bland and to make more profit, then attend the Masterclass. It challenges the way you think and will generate new ideas for you to redefine your business

      Best Western Hotels

    • Shaun enhanced many of the messages we were giving with his own experience of working with other successful key brands.

      Big Yellow Self Storage

    • Worked with us to effectively integrate best practice from major brands with our strategy, bringing our plans to life in such a way that he kept the audience engaged and reinforced key messages.


  • A commitment to simplify the theory and make it relevant to your audience
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    That’s why we invest time prior to your event to understand your audience, your culture, your business and your objectives. We will always tailor our presentation so that it’s right for you.

    What our clients say…

    • Explained the principles of Customer Excellence in a way our audience could understand and act upon.

      Price Waterhouse Coopers

    • Brought a fresh and compelling external view whilst linking it to our market and our challenges.

      Bright Horizons Group

    • His insights are well researched and relevant to the audience - they hit home with full impact.

      National Australia Bank

    • His insights were very thought-provoking and all the more powerful because of the time and trouble he took to make them relevant to us and to our business. It was impressive for us to see the effort he invested in getting to know us in order to ensure that his messages landed appropriately.


    • Brought our plans to life in such a way that he kept the audience engaged and reinforced key messages.


    • By backing up his assertions with first hand experience and real customer feedback, he provided a clear and challenging picture of where we stand in the marketplace.


  • Reassurance that you're putting a top-rated speaker in front of your audience
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    Shaun is a regular keynote speaker at conferences worldwide and, as many of our clients testify, he delivers results. He is rated as one of the top customer experience speakers by Europe’s leading speaker agency, Celebrity Speakers and has also been nominated as one of The London Business Forum’s best business speakers. He is an accredited member of the International Federation for Professional Speakers and a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association, where he recently received the association’s top award ‘The Professional Speaking Award for Excellence’.

    What our clients say…

    • We liked his presentation so much that we asked him to speak at the Management conference for PwC in Poland.

      Price Waterhouse Coopers

    • Never before have we had a speaker whose rating has consistently gone off the end of the grid.


    • So effective that we signed him as spokesperson for several thought leadership webinars and client breakfasts.


    • The overall conference feedback has been overwhelming, both from delegates and senior management


    • A wonderful treat to be able to listen to a speaker of his calibre

      Australian Institute of management

    • I have been bringing top international speakers to Poland for the past ten years and Shaun is the first speaker in my experience to have received a standing ovation.

      Firma Personalities

We work with audiences of all sizes worldwide. And for non-English speakers, we're experienced in working with simultaneous translators to ensure the message hits home with full impact.

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