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  • Customer Experience On Purpose
  • How brave are you? OVERVIEW

    Our BOLD app features a self-assessment tool to reveal just how bold your organisation is compared with the brands in the book. It will highlight those areas where you most need to focus, and identify those chapters that are most relevant to you. It will even allow you to buy them individually. You can also select chapters based on their relevance to your job function, giving you immediate access to the insights that will help you most. Take a quick look through at the video to see more.

  • Brands we love to hate
  • The Brand Experience Masterclass
  • Shaun Smith on social media
  • Keynote customer experience speaker at LBF
  • Customer service is in crisis
Our delegates were riveted. I am sure they will take away many new insights on achieving brand differentiation and customer loyalty through the customer experience. Carmen Lam
Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Intercontinental Hotels Group