Customer experience training

Many organisations conduct customer service training but few offer a distinctive customer experience. The reason for this is that all too often the training is focused on generic customer service skills. Our approach is to start with your brand proposition, the expectations of your most profitable target customers, and your desired customer experience, and then to create customer experience training that brings all of this to life. This creates a context for the training so that the behaviours we teach are directly linked to the experience you wish to deliver.

Our customer experience training experts have been working in learning design and facilitation for over 20 years. But what really differentiates our team is their in-depth knowledge of customer experience. For the last ten years, they’ve played an essential role in helping us deliver smith+co customer experience programmes in the USA, Asia and Europe. They know the difference between ‘standard’ training that delivers good customer service and ‘branded’ training that delivers a great customer experience.

Our customer experience workshops and training operates at four levels:
Customer experience training for senior executives - seminars and workshops for those who are responsible for defining, implementing, measuring and sustaining the customer experience. See our customer experience workshop.
Customer experience training for team leaders - we help you design and implement programs to help managers and team leaders gain a thorough understanding of what it means to deliver a distinctive customer experience and their own role in enabling the people they lead to deliver it. They will learn the leadership tactics and skills that will help them align their team with the company’s vision and customer experience strategy and how to turn that strategy into action to deliver business results.
Customer experience training for in-house trainers - through our ’train-the-trainer’ programs we equip your own people to quickly and cost-effectively cascade the skills and knowledge needed to deliver your strategy and, most importantly, sustain it. This means that you have the internal capability to deliver your brand experience and are not reliant on external consultants or trainers.
Customer experience training for the front-line and supporting team - the design of short modules that can be delivered by team leaders to equip their people with the skills and knowledge to deliver the experience
Our team of customer experience training facilitators are always on hand to give you as much support as you need with delivering workshops and modules

Smith+co’s 6 training principles

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We start with what your customers expect and value from your brand 

We begin by getting absolute clarity on what your customers expect and value from your brand, and how they want to experience your brand through your people and the service they deliver.

We can then identify the skills and behaviours your people need to deliver your brand, consistently, to every customer, every time. This ensures the training we design is fully aligned to what your brand stands for, and to the promise you make to your customers.

Delivering the brand promise is the key focus throughout the training design process and the central message of each element of the learning solution. It keeps things clear, simple and joined up.

We mirror the training experience to the desired customer experience 

If you want to create a differentiated, branded experience for your customers, you need to create a differentiated training experience for your people.

We apply our knowledge of how adults learn to create experiences that engage your people - training done WITH them and not TO them!

We know that people own what they help to create - that’s why we design training experiences that make people feel valued and involved, and enable them to bring their skills, talents and ideas to the customer experience. What you then get is real commitment to, and ownership of, the customer experience.​

We actively involve your people in the design process 

We know the best experts on your brand are your people. If training is to stick and become ‘how we do things here’, your people need to have a central role and voice in designing it.

We help you create a design team of training professionals, regional and team management and front-line staff. Their role is to provide advice, challenge, examples and reality checks on our experts’ designs. This ensures the learning experiences we create for you are relevant, realistic, engaging, and appropriate for your people, customers and business.

Giving all levels of your organisation a voice in shaping the solution, means greater engagement and buy-in to driving and sustaining success.​

We build your internal capability to embed and sustain key behaviours 

We know that learning takes place on the job as well as in the classroom, and that desired behaviours need to be reinforced and developed in the workplace if they’re to be sustained. That’s why we strongly recommend the training cascade approach.

We upskill and equip your people to train front-line managers. These managers, in turn, are enabled and supported to deliver the training to their teams. We help them to be effective role models of the skills and behaviours they expect their people to demonstrate to customers - and we equip them with the key skills and tools to manage, motivate and develop their teams to deliver the desired customer experience.

We’re not trying to make them great training facilitators - we’re helping them be better people managers! From our experience, this is the best way of investing in long-term, sustainable behaviour change and one of the most rewarding, confidence-boosting experiences individual managers have.​

We keep it loose-tight 

​We believe delivering a branded experience isn’t about creating scripts for your people or prescribing exact behaviours for every single customer interaction. It’s about creating the right environment, with the right back-stage support and information that supports your people to deliver your brand

We have a concept called ‘loose-tight’. Most organisations are very ‘loose’ when it comes to what their brand stands for and the kind of experience they wish customers to have, but very ‘tight’ when it comes to telling employees how to behave.

Highly successful brands, such as Zappos, that have created truly differentiated experiences reverse these two. They are very ‘tight’ about what their brand stands for and the experience they wish to create, but ‘looser’ in its execution. They create freedom within a framework which allows each individual staff member to use their initiative and do what it takes to satisfy each, individual customer.

We help you build your brand story 

We believe that at the heart of every great brand, is a compelling story people want to be part of. Our job is to understand the foundations of that story and weave this into the training experience.

We invite your people to write the next chapter and play their part in the evolution and growth of your brand.​


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The approach they took has ensured buy-in at all levels within the businessDavid Rowntree
Divisional Director
I learnt so much by being part of the training and design team. It is not overstating the case to say that it was a transformational period in my careerCathy Waterhouse
One of the Waterstones managers responsible for training her team