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Many organisations invest in defining their new brand promise and designing the experience and then spoil it by failing to tell their people or training them in the new behaviours required.

Worse still, they provide some generic package that trains people to deliver the same service as their competitors.

To bring your brand to life you need to skill your people in what we call ‘brand behaviours’ - those things that truly differentiate your offer. Branded training has to engage the ‘head, heart and hands’. Your people need to know what to do differently, want to behave in that way and have the skills to do so. Our branded training design workshop is the culmination in a process that ensures you have the internal capability to sustain the effort over time without the need for consultants. Of course, if you need us to provide a more hands-on approach we can do that too but our view is that the more you do yourselves the more powerful it is and the less expensive.

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What we'll cover

Prior to the workshop, our learning design experts begin by working intensively with your team to agree an approach suited to your organisation, your existing capability and previous learning initiatives. Using our customer experience learning framework, we develop training tailored around your brand promise, customer experience, brand behaviours and operational constraints. It is important at this stage, that you and your team have absolute clarity about the experience you wish to deliver at each touchpoint of the customer’s journey, and where and how you wish to really differentiate your brand. Finally during the two-day ‘train-the-trainer workshop’ we work with your internal trainers and selected brand champions to train them in the material so that they can cascade it throughout the organisation via your team leaders and front-line managers. In this way, the training is done ‘by your people’, not ‘to your people’

We don’t do standard workshops. Each is specifically designed for each client. But there’s a few key things they all have in common:

They’re fast paced. A full intensive immersion into the ‘how to’, the tools, the practices that really work and the chance to question the experts. For this reason, we always recommend pre-work reading and assignments so that executives come into the workshop with a shared understanding of the methodology and the terminology

They’re immediately applicable. Whilst covering the theory, much of the time will be spend on the application, so people walk away with practical action plans that can start to be implemented the very next day. We provide guides and tools to help with the application.

They’re interactive. We avoid the usual ‘data dump’ and long onerous power-point sessions. Our style is high energy, challenging, idea-inducing, entertaining and engagingly experiential. If you can’t create a buzz around customer experience at this stage, you can’t expect your team to lead it with any enthusiasm. We use digital and case studies to bring this to life for delegates as well as self-assessments to determine where you are on your journey.

They focus on innovative practice, rather than best practice. They build on our research, books and experience of working with innovative brands around the world. So we draw on examples such as Apple, Burberry, O2 but also include many other less known brands to demonstrate that you don’t have to be bit to be innovative