Which customer experience workshop is for me?

Sometimes you just need a bit of expert guidance in key areas. Our workshops are designed to do just this. They’re short, highly effective ways of giving you and your team the know-how to define and deliver your experience.

Here’s a few suggestions:​

Do you know where you are on your customer experience journey and where you should focus next?

We suggest our Customer Experience Strategy & Implementation Workshop

It’s a short, highly effective immersion into the latest thinking around customer experience and the simple, proven steps to implementing it successfully


Do your customers know what your brand stands for?

We suggest our Brand Promise Workshop

Our brand promise workshop brings together key stakeholders from across your organisation, and creates the foundation for designing an experience that emotionally connects with your customers and differentiates your brand.


Are you clear about the experience you need to deliver and your ‘hallmark’ touchpoints?

We suggest our Customer Experience Design Workshop

Our customer experience design workshop takes a simple yet rigorous approach to defining the touch-points, understanding the experience you currently provide and then using your brand promise as a framework for designing the new experience.


Have you identified the products and services needed to deliver the experience?

We suggest our Brand Propositions Development Workshop

Our Brand Propositions Workshop provides a highly creative yet grounded forum for ensuring that there is a seamless approach to how your products and services support your customer experience.


Do your people know how to deliver your experience?

We suggest our Branded Training Design one-day design workshop and a two-day train-the-trainer

Branded training has to engage the head, heart and hands. Your people need to know what to do differently, want to behave in that way and have the skills to do so. Our branded training design workshop is the culmination in a process that ensures you have the internal capability to sustain the effort over time without the need for consultants.


Are you ready to do things radically different to make your brand stand out?

We suggest BOLD – the Brand Experience Masterclass

The Brand Experience Masterclass gets right to the heart of what it takes to differentiate your business, engage your customers emotionally, and create a truly brand-centric culture.


The workshop was insightful and inspiring. We have a much clearer understanding of how we can differentiate our customer experience. Most importantly, we now have practical tools to engage our people and enable them to deliver our brand. Richard Smelt
Group HR Director
Carphone Warehouse